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Photography – Frequently Asked Questions

As interesting as Photography may be, here are some quick FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and their answers.

What is the purpose of photography?

The reason why people go into photography depends solely on what the photographer plans to achieve. A documentary, news photographer or photojournalist goes into photography to give a pictorial account of what really happened. A hobbyist photographer captures images to cherish moments spent with friends and family.

What are the types of photography?

There are so many types of photography, these types include; landscape, wildlife, portrait, travel, documentary, news, fashion, macro, sports, street, and events photography.

What do you need for photography?

To venture into photography, the most important thing you need is a camera. It can range from a simple smartphone to an advanced DSLR or even a mirrorless camera. As important as photography equipment are, light, subject, composition and emotion are critical for a picture to come out successful.

What is the most common type of photography?

Some photography genres are very common today as people tend to switch from one genre to another. Some of the most common genres include portrait, architecture, street, sports, fashion, food, landscape, wildlife, macro, event and documentary photography.

What equipment do I need as a beginner photographer?

As a beginner, all you need do is to pick a camera that you are very good at handling. As you progress, you begin to buy necessary equipment based on the genre you are choosing. If you choose landscape photography, you will need a variety of lenses, filters, and a tripod stand. If you are venturing into portrait photography, you will have to invest your money in good portrait lenses and lighting equipment.

What is the oldest photograph?

The oldest picture captured was taken by Joseph Niepce between the year 1826 and 1827, it was named ‘View from the Window at Le Gras’.

How can I learn photography?

You can learn photography from many books such as and online resources or visit some websites such as skillshare, Pluralsight, etc to take online classes. You can also learn from professional in the field. Your learning process can be virtual or physical.

What makes a great photo?

A great picture must have a subject, good light, and composition. These are the three elements that matter in photography. The person capturing the image must have a good vision and imagination, knowing how to express it in the most effective way possible.

What are the three basic camera settings?

The three basic camera settings are aperture, shutter speed and ISO.

What is the best type of photography?

There is no best type/genre of photography. Each genre has its own appeal. As we tend to be biased in choosing things, the same applies to photography. Every photography genre has its own appeal. Some people like some genres of photography more than others.

N.B: In photography, technicality (knowing the camera settings) and creativity (artistic choice) work hand in hand.


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