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The Creative’s Time Guide

By Oluwadamilare

Every creative is also having the delicate assignment of having to manage time. Since GOOD work attracts MORE work, an excellent creative will have to know how to manage time deliberately and deliver on the time.

Time Management is when someone organizes and plans how to divide his/her time between specific events.

Most creatives are freelancers and most times they postpone the work they are meant to do because they want to enjoy the pleasure they are enjoying at that moment and when it is easy to see that when they decide to start the tasks, something else comes up; then excuses for not doing the work appear. As the saying goes, ‘Time waits for no man’, once we are ready to do it, ‘boom’ time is almost up and then we are running against time, under pressure and we don’t give our very best on the job.

How can Creatives manage Learn Time efficiently?

Creatives can improve your Time Management skill effectively by doing the following:

  1. Awareness:

Be realistic about your time and this can be done by understanding that time is a limited resource.

  • Identify when you don’t perform optimally.
  • Treat your time like money.
  • Differentiate the needs from the wants.
  • Keep records on how long you spent on a task.


  1. Arrangement:

Design and organize your goals, tasks and schedule in a way that maximizes your time effectively.

  • Prioritize activities and obligations
  • Differentiate between urgent and important task
  • Use a calendar app
  • Schedule protected time


  1. Adaptation:

Monitoring the time spent while doing your tasks or activity is very good. This includes adjusting to interruption or changing priorities in a very flexible manner

  • Don’t be a reminder miser
  • Create Contingency plans
  • Endeavour to reduce time wasters
  • Experiment with time-tracker or checklist apps

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