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Such a tragedy. This is so sad and heartbreaking but as usual, life continues. Lebanon experienced a massive catastrophe on Tuesday, 4th August 2020 which killed at least 100 people and over 4000 injured (figures are given by BBC). What do we say to the god of death?

Regardless of different havoc happening throughout the world, the labor markets in other countries are just setting sails for some brands while some have shipwrecked. The number of COVID-19 discharged in Nigeria is proliferating in a matter of days and her citizens are disbelieving the fact that the figures given were real (this life no just balance).

Peradventure, we later found out all the figures given were pranks by our leaders to embezzle money, what do you think will happen? Well, as for me and my family, we won’t be surprised. “We are the leaders of tomorrow”, nobody is even arguing this phrase but the problem now is that when is the future? Or what’s the difference between the present and the future?

If by chance, you’re given the opportunity to rule Nigeria for a week, what are the first 10 things you’ll look into and make justice to? Bro, don’t be deceived, you can’t solve all the problems of this country.

List them and think of the ones you can apply in your community. winks


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