It’s okay to unwind

“these copies could be better”

“I didn’t expect you to make these designs like this”

“What other way do you think we can achieve this?”

“did you remember to send out the mails?”

“Were you able to meet up with the deadline given?”

Sounds familiar? All these are questions we hear from our bosses at work. Overtime, we have let our work consume a huge part of our lives that  even a mere notification from work, makes our heart skip a beat and a sweat break out from our forehead. But how often do we pause, take a break and unwind from all the work stress?

At the start of 2020, I was opportuned to start a job as a marketer. At first I was excited to have been offered an opportunity like. But as time went on, it started taking a huge a toll on my health. I was always glued to my phone and staying indoors. It was very difficult for me to say “yes” to dates and Hangouts because work had taken over my me-time. My schedule became a repetitvtive cycle of work, sleep and eat. I also wanted to prove myself and the value I could offer my company so i slept less, worked more and was having very little to no fun.

At the end of 2020, I was awarded as one of the best staff of the year but the new year came and pheww! I spent up to 2weeks in the hospital receiving a series of treatments and I didn’t heal up totally until after 3 weeks. What were the things I did differently during that period? I played games, I saw movies, I had enough time to talk and hangout with my friends and family, I was able to explore the city (I’m grateful for the kind of men I have). It is unfortunate that it took me falling sick to finally care for myself properly but I’m glad I did. At the end of the day, my mental health is more important.

All these is to say that, whatever fun, amazing, interesting thing you want to do, just DO IT! Work is always going to be there. So why not just make beautiful memeories with people you love and care about.

“Oh! Maldives is a beautiful place to visit and I think I have the money to get myself to the place” excuse me, what’s stopping you from going?

“I feel like going to Abuja just to rest and get back to work but,…” but what? But you feel you can’t just enjoy yourself for a little while before you get back to work? 

Hey, you should know by now that this life isn’t meant for you to just work your ass out! You should dedicated a couple of days to taking care of yourself, even if it’s staying at home, binge-watching your favourite series, stuffing your belly and just being lazy or going on a quick get-away with your friends or by yourself. It is very important to rest and take care of yourself.

Dear triber, you’ve worked so hard to earn this money and spending it on yourself shouldn’t be a big deal. Even if you don’t have the millions in your account now, do something different! Go site-seeing, eat out, go to the club, just do something different and see how well your body will be thankful to you.

We’re organising a hangout for everyone interested and if you feel this is the best time for you to rest, why not join us and experience life in a different way.


Remember, I mentioned some things you can do to unwind, do you have any other suggestions? Kindly let us know in the comments below. Ciao 😀

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