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“There’s another story in between every story told, just as there’s one story you’ve never told…the one you haven’t lived in.” – Tibex

From Soliudeen (WebMaye) to Temitope (Blaqempress), the first set to arrive for the hangout, other creatives started showing up for the hangout. Unsurprisingly, new faces were seen and with all the talk about faces, height also became something to see. Though, Omobolanle (BolaSmallz) didn’t play an irony on her name, COLOGENY’S Editor-in-chief, Oluwatobiloba (Tibexcreations) and co-organizer of the Hangout, Hafeez (Hamton) seemed like brothers-in-height. The sight is one that amnesia cannot erase in one’s head.

Banji (A9 Digital Solutions) and Unku Ishola Adebayo, drove us to the venue. The terrible road of Ikereku, Abeokuta disturbed the short road trip from Adire Mall to Ikereku, as we moved from good to bad to worse road network. It was after this that we found out why the theme of the hangout was called “Creative Explorer”.

The seventeen creatives that came apart from the few people that were aware of the location, had to newly hike the path of the mountain that led to the exact location. The sun wasn’t even shy, the guy smiled on us like a baby who finally gets to see his mother’s face after a while. Maybe due to some technical oversight, there was no accurate plan of where to sit exactly and what to sit on, so a makeshift sitting arrangement was made to keep the hangout alive. Our first photographer, Deborah (Sayo Sayo) was already making us hear shutter sounds with clicks that captured every moment. (Our second photographer, Olaseni didn’t show up early).

After agreeing and fixing up the sitting arrangement, Emmanuel Odumusi took center-stage as the first MC, and the hangout kicked off. First thing first, introduction. We individually introduced ourselves and unsurprisingly, we’ve got skilled people in the community. After proper introductions were done, we had an ice breaker which was anchored by Lekan Ogunlade (conversation conversation) the sentences constructed were so funny.

As earlier stated, we had Mr Ishola in our midst and it was an honor to have him give the talk and we learnt that as creatives, we need to get our hands busy by venturing into a business or more, he also emphasized the importance of collaboration amidst other things.

The Brain teaser was the top of it. Mr Matthew Oguntayo anchored this and the questions he asked were massive!! We had three teams of four members each, and after the general questions, each team asked the other teams a question each. We still don’t know the exact team that won. Everyone is a winner!

At the end of it all, the purpose of coming together was fulfilled. Networking!
A lot happened during this session. Some got work placements, some jumped on great offers, and others got helping hands.

You really missed a lot if you weren’t there but don’t forget, the Lagos hangout is coming up next. Yes, you can be a part of that too!

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