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Health And Finances

By Temitope Olubiire
Health is not valued till sickness comes.” – Thomas Fuller
I feel like you will relate to parts of what I am about to write. Why? Because, in one stage of our life, you’ve decided to jeopardize your health in search of money (If you are an exception, Kudos). I really didn’t value health until I got hit so hard that at a point, I became very scared.

So What happened?

Towards the end of the year 2020, I committed myself to some strenuous work and it continued till January 2021. Moving from one place to another trying to get stuff done, fix a mess, attend programmes and do some other basic things but I forgot that the human body needs to be taken care of especially in the aspect of food!

I got a job that was and is still paying well (yh, I work as an undergraduate) and I have to attend to every single client that comes to me and I’ve learnt a lot in that process especially human management and communication skills. At a point, I was in-charge of a project and I had to make proper arrangements for it.

January came , Happy New Year and everyone, including ME went back to work and I started off the year as a hard girl. I knew something was wrong with me but I never took it seriously because I knew going off for a while meant I’ll be losing the pay for that day and I didn’t want that to happen so I continued. Hard girl, hard girl, it all came to a halt after I discovered I couldn’t raise my arms and my legs were badly hurting. My eyes were already dim and everything seemed unusual to me so I had to visit the hospital. On getting there, the doctor said I was suffering from Myalgia (body aches) and that I needed to really rest. So, I had no choice but to switch off my cell phone and put off my data for a day even though I wasn’t comfortable doing that.

Within a month, 3 different sets of medications were prescribed for me 3 different times and I had to use them accordingly. Isn’t that more painful than not being online for just a day or two? I had to stay off for a week and I also had to reject some clients during the week but it was all worth it.
Ladies and gentlemen, REMIND YOURSELF, you are human and your body is fragile.You might have strong immunity but it is left to you to know how well you are managing your body. There’s no greater joy than having good health and you being able to make more money as time goes by.

Now a quick check; how many hours did you dedicate to rest last week? Is there something that’s better than your health? If there isn’t, do well to take that rest and thank yourself later!

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