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Apart from keeping fit through exercises and some other things, these tips are very important for you to maintain good health and be productive.

  • Wake Up Early

Okay, this doesn’t mean waking up at dawn but it means waking up at reasonable times. This helps you get ready for the day and keeps you energetic since you stood up on time.

  • Drink Water Before Anything Else

Staying hydrated is vital for our health and even if we’ve heard it many times, it’s often overlooked. Remember, we only have 60% water in our body meaning that not drinking enough leads to dehydration. Not alcohol, enough water.

  • Take a walk

Sometimes, “fresh air” is the best thing we need. Don’t deprive yourself of it. Doing this means you are exercising your body.

  • Don’t stand to eat/drink.

Sitting down to eat aids digestion and helps us maintain good body posture.

  • Eat vegetables

This definitely isn’t the first time you’ll be hearing/reading this but hearing it this time should yield a positive result. Forget junks and go green!
There are other important tips we need to know but that will be for some other time. Do you know that putting your phone away while eating is important?
We know as creatives, we might get busy all day but let’s not forget HEALTH IS WEALTH!

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