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Reading should be a lifestyle because there are lots of benefits you get from reading books.
In the world today, we have thousands of books written by great authors but the question is have you figured out the one for you?
Here is a short list of books you should read before the year runs out.

  1. Copywriting secrets: Jim Edwards.
  2. Dotcom secrets:Russell brunson.
  3. Expert secrets:Russell brunson

Habit building:

  1. The 80/20 principle: Richard Koch.
  2. Focal point:Brian Tracy.
  3. Hooked:Nir Eyal


  1. How to talk to anyone, anytime, anywhere:Larry King.
  2. Power-self confidence:Tracy.
  3. The business if being social: Michelle Carvill and David Taylor

Business growth:

  1. This is marketing: Seth Godin.
  2. Shoe dog: Phil knight.
  3. Sell like crazy: Sabri suby

Of all these books, is there anyone you’ve read or is there anyone you’ll read in these last days of the year?
Let’s hear from you.

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