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So let’s lose some training and call it the celebration of Jesus’ birthday. Yes, 25th of December is a memorable day for Christian faithfuls but the whole world enjoys the days before and after the 25th because it’s “The holidays”.
A time to relax with family and friends.
A time to visit great places and hangout.
A time to reflect on the year and make plans for the new year.
A time to be calm and enjoy the peace that comes with the moments.
A time to GIFT A GIFT.
As the season draws near, remember to be calm and best of all, put a smile on the faces of people around you.
When you hear, “Oga anything for the boys”, Be generous. “Ko por ke”.
The size of the gift is inconsequential but the thoughts and prayers behind the kind gesture is what makes the Gift a worthy GIFT.
Just as Cologeny has gifted us with lots of initiatives, training, opportunities and blessings, do well to do your part as you bless those around you in this season.
Everything is allowed, from blaqempress chinchin to bracelets by timi to crypto from Agl tech to stories from uncle G to content from cranium x to honey from the bees to docs in the orpheez to the witty Nigerian people with content, make sure you’re making someone smile actively with your work.
It can only get better.

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