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By Lucas Ofubu

Many times, people say that you are in charge of your future and whatever you do today will reflect on your tomorrow. But have you ever been in a position where you have awesome plans but they seem to break down or not make sense at the point of execution?

Well, the good news is that when your awesome plans break down, it is normal because in life, there are low points but what you do at your lowest point is what makes you to EXIST OR be PRESENT.


Shina is a very nice guy with a good physique. He has tried modelling repeatedly but he doesn’t get gigs. After 4 rejections, he decided to evaluate his position and he took time to understand what others were doing that he wasn’t doing well.



He got his first interview in many months and even though he didn’t get the gig, he was happy he got an invite. Something had changed and it meant shina was doing something right. He simply continued on his quest to discover what the top guns were doing that he wasn’t doing yet. It took time but he got his first gig and more gigs came his way.


Until the eyes of your understanding is opened or knowledge about what you carry or what you can do hits you, you will EXIST while others who can see or who know will be PRESENT. 


To EXIST means that you’re living and fulfilling the notion of being alive, thinking or fantasizing about your current situation without doing anything about it. Getting very complacent about your current position is a sign that you’re beginning to exist. Trust me when I say everyone has had that moment of just EXISTING and the decision to become PRESENT is what made the difference.

Challenges are something that nobody is immune to but be rest assured that provided you remind yourself about why you must be PRESENT, you will begin to think about solutions to the challenge.


The mantra:






Choose to BE PRESENT today and watch how the universe will make it possible even as you will take steps, see solutions and make giant strides that you never thought were possible when you were busy EXISTING.


Your story will motivate someone in the future

Your experience will serve as a lesson to someone in the future

Your PRESENCE will motivate someone in the future


Choose to be PRESENT more and more today.

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