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By Awoyemi Oluwadamilare

One of the most rewarding professions now is “Content Writing” because you are always the ‘creator’ of the ‘content’. It is a fulfilling process. It broadens your knowledge on several topics as you make research and write about them.


  1. Have good command of English:

When you are ready to start a career in Content Writing, ensure you know the rules of grammar, syntax and all the aspect that deals with English Grammar.

  1. Optimize with Keywords:

This is putting relevant words smartly into your content. These words should be wordings your audience will use when searching for a particular service or product, making it rank high on search engines.

  1. Know your Audience:

At this point, you need to think like your audience, what specific words do they search for? When you know this, input the words in your content. There are tools that help in keyword generation.

  1. Research the Topic:

Before writing on any topic, ensure you study it deeply so as to get a very clear understanding of the topic. This will help you convey the message clearly and help your readers understand quickly. Doing this might consume your time but it is worth it.

  1. Check your Content:

To ensure that your content is 100% unique and grammatical error free, you have to run some essential checks. Checks like plagiarism, grammar check etc. There are tools one can use to do these checks.

  1. Edit the Content:

When you are done with checking the content , you need to proofread. Feel free to give it out to your friends so that they can edit and make corrections.


Content writing is a very exciting area but it has its own set of challenges. However, the beauty of any field is that once you are persistent, you can gain mastery in it.


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