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I am Nigerian, What NFTs Can I MINT?

The Nigerian creative space is littered with talented gems who know their onions very well. With the advent of NFTs and the opportunities that they present to us, it is only wise that we pay attention and maximize the opportunities there in.

In this piece, You will have a general idea of what a Nigerian creative can MINT into an NFT and what type of projects would be very relevant in months or years to come.

When we talk about a piece of art, there is a story attached to it and this story is what artists leverage on when they showcase their pieces at exhibitions. The truth is that not every artist knows that the price of their work of art would become a reference point in history just like the Monalisa but one thing they do very well is to make sure that they are passionate about the art.

So let us get into what the NIGERIAN CREATIVE cant turn an NFT.

  1. Art works with Rich History especially as Africans and Nigerians seeking to educate the public could be a hit. Imagine a piece specifically prepared for the black lives matter community seeking to tell the world a story about the greatness of certain black men and women with rich heritage. It could become an export and the community of black people would be all over it as soon as they catch the wave.
  2. Never underestimate the power of the cultural heritage of the African people. Lots of ideas can be brought to life when specific cultural values and systems are examined. The Yoruba people in Nigeria receive lots of tourists who come to see lots of relics and feel the scenery at many sites. Telling this story could be a massive hit in little or no time in months or years as the audience is ready made. Also, leveraging on outfits, habits and behavioral patterns of various ethnic could be a very smart thing to do.
  3. NFTs describing governments and political icons might look valueless but the truth is that there is an audience for that too. You are Nigerian but you can make research and tell the story of many political icons and villians in many parts of the world.
  4. As a sharp guy, get ready to mint NFTs that teach or provide valuable information. This might sound very weird but imagine minting exclusive information or scoops. People love to have that feeling of being among the first to know something, do something or have something, So take advantage of this. I see a future where bloggers would mint very few pieces of their news or videos and they would make so much noise around it and ensure that few people pay top dollar for the information. Everyone loves insider gist and hot information.

You can never go wrong if you decide to put in the work even as you make yourself available in public gatherings to speak about your NFTs.

Position Yourself now and reap the benefits in due time.

Look out for the next part of the piece as I unlock more opportunities in the world of NFTs.

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    This was really very educative, i appreciate the effort put in to curating this Intellectual info.

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