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The new year is essentially for documentation purposes because the old cycle of 365 days have passed successfully and a fresh cycle starts without your permission.

Have you decided on your Money management Mantra(MMM) for the next 365 days?

If you haven’t done that, then the words below are meant for you.

If you have a Mantra already, it is good but get ready to add some more.

Here we go:

  1. I will be deliberate in my spending no matter what.

This sounds very easy to say but it takes lots of discipline and doggedness to say such a thing and stick to it absolutely. Fortunately for you, it is a mantra and it would mean that you will repeat it daily till it becomes a part of you.

2. I will save actively for my goals.

Setting goals is important, saving to achieve goals is importanter.. The joy that comes from strategically setting a goal and strategically achieving the goal can’t be over emphasized. When you wake up and you remember your goals, tell yourself how you must save deliberately.

3. I will give deliberately

Don’t joke with this Mantra because it is very powerful. The ability to empower someone from the little that you have is very key. Asides putting smiles on the faces of recipients, the joy that comes knowing that your funds helped to make another man grow in his endeavor  is very satisfying.

Let’s manage the funds.

The Big Bag is good and making it bigger is a good goal but managing the existing bag well might determine how fast the bag will grow.


Money Management Mantra.

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