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Do you have a Wish-list?


Just because I believe in miracles and I know it abounds for me, I’m making this as my wishlist for 2021. Who knows, someone might be my God-sent. 

  1. A wig (not bone straight though)
  2. Heels
  3. Blazers from the4hundredboutique
  4. An iPhone
  5. My personal delivery company!
  6. Books from Bellabooks
  7. Designer skirts
  8. A marketing course at Harvard Extension School
  9. An ambassadorial deal with a beauty industry
  10. I want to travel out of this country to rest, flex and know what abroad looks like.

Just these  and I’ll be very very very happy and you won’t understand the reason for my happiness.

What about you?

Don’t you have a wish-list?

Kindly “TYPE IT” in the comments section and wait for that miracle to happen.

At the End of 2020, COLOGENY will be here to ask if your wishes were granted…..

 P.S:  My account says ‘pick me’ I’m also available 

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