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Dear Reader!

It has been two weeks since you last read from me but then it feels like ages since I last read from you.

Anyway, I believe you had a great week! On today’s episode of “Last week on Cologeny”, I’d be giving you a taste of what it feels like to be in the community. You definitely need to know.Our CM (Community Manager) and SMM (Social Media Manager) for August introduced ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) to the community, believe me, it has always been moments of fun and laughter.

As the people of Ogun State resumed to their various worship centers, a welcome note was given by our CM. Also, we now have a Sensei in the community. He can translate any language to English!

A session took place also during the week “Dealing with difficult clients, how not to trap yourself” the link to the compiled content is in this newsletter. One of the Uncles of the community took the session.

Report also has it that Chinese people dragged Lyta like generator because of plagiarism. Has he apologized?

We also had a twitter interactive session where we discussed “The difference between influencers and amplifiers” feel free to check the Cologeny page on Twitter. 

Moving on, a member brought a new wave to the “Colossians”. Even as service was going on in church, some people were still talking about man. Ah!

You all know the popular TimiBracelet now. Well, it seems making bracelets now gives him confidence to want to join the Army.

Also, Creator Ope⁩ took a session on “Adobe Sparkpost For Creatives”. The Manchester United people that did not join still chop L, COLOGENY loves them so the link to the recap of the session is also in this newsletter.

That’s how the community people started throwing bants o, even fans that their teams that didn’t play carried their team’s sub. The 8 was 2 much sha, we should be calming down 4 – 1 another, this life is not hard.

Have you ever received gifts for your birth anniversary? Which ones did you cherish the most? A question came into the community by Oga Bee asking if it’s possible to learn marketing strategy and branding from BBN.

The BBN show talk sprouted discussions on the group as there were different bants in between the conversation. Also, it was mentioned that live videos can be pre-recorded?

Who are you staning?

Which ship are you “shipping”?

Who else wants to beat that Betway advert guy? “But babe, my team is losing”

Including the “mad oh” guys?

We would like to have your details, please fill this form so as to be able to know you better.

Don’t fill this again if you already did.

Then, we had a brief stint of ColoAfterDark, it had low engagement and members found it hard to talk about relationship but freely about grey things. (Shinamanias)

God air pus!

“What is the difference between CONTENT and CONTEXT?”

Our very own Oga Bee took us on a session: “The difference between digital marketers and social media managers”!

In the midst of all these, your very Editorial team content creator; Temitope Olubiire (blaqempress) and Editor-in-chief; Oluwatobiloba Agboola (Tibex) celebrated their birthdays.

You’ll be reading from me again next week, stay safe and healthy.

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