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From Humble Beginnings

By Temitope Olubiire

Never despise the days of little beginnings!

As the day passes by, the community keeps evolving and creatives have never stopped doing big! 

I was opportune to have a short, yet inspiring session with a creative person from the community and I believe we’ll pick something from the little things he said. Kindly sit back and enjoy the ride!


Temitope: Hello dear creative, can I meet you?

Creative:Hi, my name is Abiola Aduragbemi. I’m a content creator, digital marketer does seem like quite a stretch but it’s in the portfolio, lol. Most importantly, a podcaster as well.


Temitope: Great! Let’s dive into the session!

As a podcaster and creator, what’s one thing you wished you had known before you started your career?

Aduragbemi: It has to be knowing not to underestimate your abilities or worrying that one person is doing more than yourself in the niche.


Temitope: Who are the 3 people that have influenced you since the inception of your career?

Aduragbemi: Mark Manson. Gary Vee. Every human encounter I get.


Temitope: What advice will you give anyone wanting to start a career like yours?

Aduragbemi: Do. JUST DO IT.


Temitope: What is your biggest failure and did you learn from it?

Aduragbemi: Well damn! I personally haven’t failed enough but I do think that one thing I hate myself for is the fact that I underestimate my capabilities and ignoring how far I’ve come. The cure? Appreciate your process. I constantly fail to do this and in turn has led to a series of not so good events.



Just as Bruce Garrabarandt said;

“Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones.” 


 Aduragbemi’s podcast hit 10k episode plays this month and if you’re following his podcasts, you’ll know that each episode is always passing a different message across to us! Just in case you are yet to listen to any, SHAKING TABLES WITH AA is on Instagram and you can get the link to his podcast episodes there also!


Thank you for following our chats. I’d like to know if you’ve been listening to his podcast or not. Let’s talk in the comments section 



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  1. Folu

    His podcast has been a bang. Congrats chief

  2. Aremu Mubarak Dolapo

    I listen to him, sometimes.

    His works are smooth.

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