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By Damilare

I remember when I first saw this game being played, I was so intrigued. The world faded off while I paid my full attention to it and learnt how it was played. I was like that until I heard ‘Ding Dong’ , the closing bell. The next day when it was played, I volunteered to be the Banker and I watched the game from a closer range. It captured my budding innocent mind at that moment. I just saw it as a game to have fun and buy properties with my car ‘my favorite token then’.

For those that do not have an idea of what the Monopoly Game is, it is a board game that deals with buying and selling of lands and organizations. Building a property or properties on the land bought, collecting rent from anyone that lands on your property and using luck and chance card. It is a very interesting game.

One lazy afternoon, while viewing WhatsApp status, I came across a quote that said ‘Most of us live our life like a monopoly player that just go through start to collect the $200 and does nothing with it but just pay debts and come back to collect another $200’. For the first time in my life, I began to understand there were other meanings to MONOPOLY, rather than just having fun and lessons to learn as well. Below are some lessons gotten from the game

  • Always build relationship; build your social interaction:

As you play the game, you might need to make friends with those playing with you. It is rare to land on three properties in series, it is at this point that you might want to utilize the friendship you made either to swap, sell, buy, or negotiate a property. Even though it is a competition, still socialize with those playing with you.

In real life, you need to build strong, reliable, and trustworthy friendships across borders and sectors. In as much as you build these relationships, every decision comes down to you.

  • Always have an emergency fund:

As you plan your strategy on how you want to play the game, always keep an emergency fund. This is because you don’t know what either ‘chance’ or ‘luck’ will bring your way as you play the game. It could be you paying the bills for the needy etc.

In real life, always keep funds for unforeseen issues. Life will bring lots of things your way, some are opportunities, some are threats and most times you need cash to either get in or out of situations like that.

  • Time out could be a very productive time:

As you play the game, you might be sent to jail (either by the chance or luck card), you might need time to strategize the way you play the game or your approach in the game.

In real life, there are times you need to sit back and rethink your approach to things – be it finance, relationship, spiritual, mental, physical etc. Think about approaching life in a different way and method.

  • Small steps can make the difference

In the game, not everyone will buy the most expensive land, so start developing the ones you buy. The least expensive land with houses and hotels can sting significant money from your opponent.

In real life, don’t be scared of starting small, you don’t have it all figured out before you invest, save, or start that business. Start it little by little. That little investment might bring a bigger Return on Investment (ROI) than you expected. Patience is key.

  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

In the game of monopoly, you don’t win by just owning one land. You need to buy more and as you buy them; you need to develop them. The player with only one land or property might be the first to file for bankruptcy.

In real life, you don’t just put your hope on one thing, the only exception is God. So have different streams of income.

It also helps children understand mathematics, especially when it is the monopoly that uses paper money and lower currencies.

I can’t finish mentioning all the lessons.

Kindly mention some lessons in the comments section below.

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