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By Temitope Olubiire

It’s been a moment in this space! But I hope y’all have been enjoying all that comes into your mails from us?! It’s so amazing to see how fast the year is moving and this is just a quick reminder that the train isn’t waiting for its passengers. As long as it is moving and it is being maintained, it really has no time to wait for anyone! But the interesting thing is that you can jump on another train if one leaves you behind right? Yeah, of course, you can but what if it never comes earlier as expected? What if you don’t get to enjoy the benefits the first train has? Do you know you can board another train but not enjoy the ride? That’s exactly what missing an opportunity in life looks like! There will always be opportunities for you to choose from but the best will always have the best in it and you never can tell what other opportunities await you through your journey! 

April came with a lot of goodies but you shouldn’t see it as a small thing, instead, embrace every ‘little thing’ that comes your way this month and make the best out of it. Stay determined and focused and when you check back to measure your progress, you’ll be in awe!

Note these as you walk through the month:

  1. You have the ability to do it!
  2. Nothing is limiting you!
  3. You choose to stay focused all through!
  4. Resources are made available for you this month!
  5. You are on your way to better days!!!

What other affirmations are you making for the month? Not trying to sound like a preacher but Hey! Speak to the month!

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