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You’re not a basketball fan but I’m almost certain that you heard of the name Kobe Bryant.
The LA Lakers basketball legend passed on in January 2020 with his daughter in a helicopter crash.
In this piece , certain key lessons learnt from Kobe in his life time are shared:

Always enjoy the moment. Don’t lose focus because of the challenges that lie ahead of you or the wounds of the past. Enjoy the moment. Make plays in the moment
Have a relentless work ethic. “Great things come from hard work and perseverance. No excuses”. That’s the Kobe way and if you ask every leader, they worked with zeal and passion. Get into that rhythm too.
Be obsessed so you can become a legend. When you are obsessed with an area you want to be great in, it becomes easy to make the sacrifices required to become a master and a legend in that area. Be obsessed.
Create leaders. Kobe was a leader and he created other leaders too. Get a copy of “Mamba mentality” written by Kobe and you will understand why getting to know those you work with will help you to make leaders out of them.
Learn new skills. Asides basketball, Kobe loved to tell stories. Kobe won an academy award in 2018 for his short animated film “Dear basketball”. He discovered a new area in his life and he developed it and he won awards too. Mastery.
Get in on the mamba mindset. Kobe watched Magic Johnson and Micheal Jordan do amazing things on the basketball court and at the age of 13, he said to himself I can get to that level. He saw models and he keyed into the models full time. He made it work.
learn how to Handle pressure. Always be ready to rise to the occasion and deliver under pressure. Kobe was the got to man if the Lakers needed a winning shot in the last few seconds of a game.
Value family. There are no words to describe the importance of family. Always make sure family time is created regularly.
The man Kobe is dead but his legacies will always continue to live in our hearts. The mamba mentality.

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