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Did you take a break from thought to answer the question? It’s normal to do so and I know that what comes to mind is money, food, good life, and in the rear case mental balance.

Well, as good as those responses are, they are not contextual correct. Those responses are the best suited for why we work or what we gain from working. This of the subject of the mail as What makes us function/What keeps us going. Now, different thoughts of answers are flowing across your mind, right? Yeah.

As a community, salary and wages is not common word around here because that’s not what keeps us going. In brief notes, I will be highlighting four key things that make us work.

• The support you give. Don’t wait until the field dies before you water. Support the members of your community and non-members by showing them love in the name of your community.

• The value you provide. The most affordable form of value you can offer is relevant content. Whether formal or informal, content is king.

•  The Accolades you get. The super hero feeling you have when you make life easier for someone. That’s why they call you boss.

•  The sacrifice you make. To be honest, the dime you give cost a nine, but no sweats, no sweets.

If you took the time to read to this point, you will realize that the community is about YOU.

Credit: Olamide Shogbamu

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