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By Great Latoye 


Isn’t it frustrating that at the end of every month, there is little or no money left in your wallet (owotikuwaso)?

Then, what pop-up next is, “How did I spend this money?”

Don’t feel too bad because this is a common problem for most. Check out a pratical solution in this article.


“When money realizes it’s in good hands, it wants to stay and multiply in those hands”Idowu Koyenikan.


Why can’t that be you?

First, let’s take a flashback to the mantra we established at the beginning of the year, a step-on from MMM (Money management mantra).

Now, reaffirm your Mantra:

  1. I will be deliberate about my spending,
  2. I will save actively for my goal,
  3. I will give deliberately.

Now, you have set the foundation, let’s proceed. If a man were to be malnourished, he will be told to eat balance diet, same as when you seem financially unhealthy, your perfect solution is the Cash diet.

Taking Cash diet means you’re cutting out the cards (no credit or debit cards), you only spend actual cash. Cash diet is a great way to detox after a spending binge or just when you need a financial reset, but it’s not an easy task. If it now appears that you can’t rule-out using credit card for transaction, dedicate a week to using your card for easy accountability.

A simple way to start is by adding up your monthly income and subtracting your fixed bills (rents, cell phone bills, student loans, retirement fee and savings).

CD=(MI – FB) = MSM;

CD – Cash diet

MI – Monthly Income

FB – Fixed bill

MSM – Money to spend in a month

Your MSM should be kept in your wallet and if it appears that all can’t be curtained at once re-draw them in batches (the latter can be your best bet considering issue of theft or misplaced wallet).

If this seems impossible to you, come up with a team and create a 30 day challenge from it (#MoneyChallenge).

Let’s know if this resonates with you and what other money management technique would you like to know.

You can slow down on a codeine diet but you will always rush the cash diet.

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