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As we head into a new week, some things got people talking this past week, conversations that became trends on twitter and social media. I’ll be taking us through some of these conversations.


Visual Artists in Ogun state came out to create an awareness, of the vast creative prowess in the city under the rock. Initiated by the creatives from KUTA, creatives from COLOGENY also joined the conversation.


Fans and enthusiasts alike asked Fireboy questions, after the Artiste tweeted the hashtag.


Serena Williams won her third round US Open match against Sloane Stephens. With her daughters in attendance, the continuous cheers from Olympia was another highlight of the match. After losing the first set, she came back to win the match.

BBN related trends

Different conversations came up during the week, Laycon steadily dropping bars, Nengi and Kidd’s BBN fuss, Sunday night’s eviction, and more.

UEFA Nations League and Sports

With the resumption of football with the UEFA Nations League, different matches led to different conversations. Kyle Walker’s red card, Sterling’s heroics, the players that didn’t get to play. It was an interesting weekend for football lovers.

Chelsea also welcomed Kai Havertz with #HiKai, this transfer made him the most expensive German player of all time. Also, Messi finally addressed his transfer saga and has now decided to stay in Barcelona, to see out his contract. The question of “What Next?” still remains.

A lot of other conversations came up this past week, since we’re not twitter, we won’t be able to revisit all. Next week, we’ll sieve out another set, even as we anticipate the resumption of football leagues.

Image: Tech Crunch via Pinterest

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