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One of the biggest challenge creatives face is sitting down to actually do the job. There are many ways to cull out one’s creativity. While some writers wait for inspiration to strike them like a lightning bolt, others keep churning out contents everyday so their best content would turn up at last. Some artists want to be original; and some think it is best for artists to catch their inspiration from the work of other artists. All in all, we know that as creatives our methods differ and how we get the best from our minds is up to us.

Listed below are books that are highly recommended for creatives:

  • On Writing by Stephen King :

This book is a gem and it is one material that every writer should have. It is packed with very hot and relevant tips that would unleash and refine the crude writing gifts in any man.

  • Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert :

With the tag line “Creative living beyond fear”, this book is perfect for all creatives. Do well to get a copy of this book and watch how your perspective changes. Don’t be surprised when you begin to find it relatively easy to churn out copies and contents of all kinds.

  • The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron :

Say good bye to writer’s block with this book. This book contains exercises that are spread over a 12 week period. Please be informed that this book requires active participation from you but you can be rest assured that after 3 months, you are going to hit next level with respect to your creativity.

If you know any other books for creatives, kindly mention them in the comments section.

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