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Moving out of the norms to the weirdos. We will be taking a look at some weird, but delicious food combinations we have. I remember dipping a cold pizza into a chilled Coca-Cola. What a food! Lols.

Now, take a look at these and tell me the one(s) you’ve tried out and if there’s none, the one(s) you’ll be trying out. Good luck!


  1. Chocolate & avocado
  2. Olive oil & ice cream
  3. Coca-Cola & chicken
  4. Peanut butter & burger
  5. Chocolate & chips
  6. Peanut butter & sandwich
  7. Strawberry & basil
  8. French fries & honey
  9. Honey & pizza
  10. Mango & chilli powder


 Have a great day!

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  1. Ifedigitals

    Coca-Cola and chicken is the only combo I can see myself taking. The rest🥴🥴🥴

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