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When a wise one speaks to you, never let those words leave you, hold on to it because you’ll come back to it someday!

You might be wondering why we have so much love for this community. (E get why!)

Fast rewind to how the week started, the issue of all these fake investment scheme was something we talked about, as we started the week and as we were still discussing that, gbam! The Scroll’s “bell ringers” sent us “boiling” notifications. Yay! The 7th edition of The Scroll dropped.

After election, what’s next? Result and announcement. We all anticipated the election of our new Community and Social Media Managers and yes, we now have them. Olamide as the CM, Ololade as the SMM – gender equality, we weren’t biased. Even after the “No copy and paste” warning given, some people copied again and they got their green cards straightaway.

What was your prediction about the Big Brother Naija’s eviction? Anyways, we’ve all seen it and we now know what’s up. Were you expecting Ka3na and Lilo to be evicted?

There was a debate on why the state government could have asked students to pay #25,000 for a Covid-19 test. We also read the news about ShopRite leaving the country, which was later debunked by them before they cried out again.

How long has Pep store been in Abeokuta? Some don’t even know but it was good to know they’ve been in Abeokuta for a couple of months now. JustRite also opened an outlet in Abeokuta some weeks ago. In case you didn’t know too, you’ve read it now.

The Beirut explosion sent waves of shock! Quite sad, especially because it was not an attack. After catching cruise since the week started, we got this saddening news and some people shared their heartaches with the community.

The new CM and SMM introduced ICYMI – “In Case You Missed It” to the group. We laughed as we read the premium gists because they were beautifully presented. The third edition of our Wednesday’s Wit was also released during the week – check it out if you haven’t. Have you made use of the new Instagram feature called Instagram Reels? You definitely need to check it out! All thanks to Prince Oluwatoin Odumosu who taught us how it functions. You’ll find a link to download the compiled guide in this newsletter.

Also, from the factory of our CM and SMM, we had COLOHAPPYHOUR on Friday and it started at exactly 8pm, it was fun all through the night. As we round up this edition, what will be your reaction if after 4years of being in a relationship, your girlfriend rejects your marriage proposal? Do well to drop your answers in the comments section.

UEFA Champions league got people’s attention on Saturday night. That didn’t stop the SMM from engaging members, about the movie recommendations from the previous newsletter, list your top 3 movies and series.

Of course, we don’t just entertain ourselves, we also bring in job opportunities and other opportunities. There were open slots for creatives to apply during the course of the week and those interested went for it. So, that’s it about how the week went in the community, do well to join the community to enjoy much more. Catch it all in the next edition! Till then, stay safe!


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