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Music: FEM vs WAY TOO BIG, The Rivalry



I am wondering what crossed your mind when you heard the monster track by Burna Boy titled “WAY TOO BIG”. Well, it became very clear to us few weeks later that the African Giant had locked horns with DAVIDO.  And so, this gave rise to “FEM”.

The production of FEM happened in just one night as OBO baddest attested to the fact that Napji (producer) was in his crib for the weekend and he started making beats. As usual, OBO felt the beat, did his magic and FEM came to life.  Perhaps, it was easy to vibe FEM since it was a personal matter. Davido didn’t mince words in his interview with Ebuka on bounce radio where he said he wasn’t expecting Burna Boy to be angry with him.

African Giant was angry with Davido because a picture of Davido posing with Wizkid made waves on the internet. Davido said, “I dey club wey them tell me say Burna dey para for you because of the picture”. Either ways, African Giant vs 30BG leader rivalry is serving us premium musical content.

Check out some lyrics from their songs which paint a better picture about the beef:

You wey dey find the pity
Tell odogwu say we like to party
Just call me, you wan know 30BG
You go know 30BG, when you see 30BG

Why them com dey para, para, para?
Para for me
Why everybody com dey para, para, para?
Para for me
Why them com dey para, para, para?
Para for me
Na why 30BG we go para, para, para
Them go para for you


Because I’m way too big
Way too big to be fucking with you
To be fucking with you, mmh
Because I’m way too smart
Way too smart to be falling in your trap
Fucking with you, mmh
‘Cause I’m way too cool
Way too cool to be losing my cool

Say, na your problem
I done tell say na your problem
You just mad because I’m poppin’
Na your problem


They will definitely make up but till then, let’s enjoy the great musical content that their beef brings with it.


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