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“We don’t have” doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy ourselves, you know. As a matter of fact, that your last 1k, you can use it to eat a well balanced diet and serve yourself well.


On today’s episode of INSIDE THE KITCHEN, we’ll be cooking Vegetable soup. And here are the ingredients we’ll be using, which include:1. 1medium sized onion
2. Crayfish
3. Vegetable oil
4. Pepper mix (Tomatoes,Rodo,Tatashe and onions)
5. Powdered crayfish
6. Seasoning cubes
7. Salt
8. Chicken and smoked catfish (depends on your taste though)
9. Ugwu leaves


Steps In Preparing:
1. Pour a little amount of oil into a hot pot. Add the sliced onions, and your crayfish into it. Then, fry for 5mins
2. Add your pepper mix and stir well for about 10mins. Then add your powdered crayfish, seasoning cubes and salt. Stir and leave to fry for another 10mins till it is super dry.
3. Once you notice that it’s already dry, add your chicken and smoked catfish (or any livestock product of your choice)
4. Leave it to fry before adding your washed and boiled Ugwu leaves. Stir very well and cover the pot so it can steam well.
5. Your vegetable soup is ready to be served with any food of your choice

Now that we’ve done justice to our ingredients, I believe you’ll be able to cook something delicious with that little change you have with you. It’s not necessary to have all the meat and fish in it but trust me, 1k goes a long way if you know how to manage it well.

What’s your preferred combination for vegetable soup?



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