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The life of a Social Media Manager in 2 minutes

By Temitope Olubiire

Earlier this year, I started a career as a social media manager and ever since I started, I’ve learnt to make use of some applications as my assistants because they make my workflow easier and well organized.

In planning my contents, I write them out using Microsoft Excel (spreadsheet package) and create nice content calendars with it. Here are a few reasons why a content calendar is important.

  1. It keeps you organized
  2. It fosters consistency
  3. It helps you to keep track of your performance
  4. You can keep your audience engaged
  5. It helps you plan your Social media marketing

Also, I make my designs with Adobe Spark Post and trust me the application has lots of templates you can choose from and you can make beautiful designs with them.

Talking about how I plan my daily posts, I make use of planoly to get the layout I want and determine how to post my content and finally, I make use of Hootsuite to schedule my posts because most times, I get busy with other things but with Hootsuite, I’ve got no problems with my daily and timely postings.

There are lots of applications you can also make use of as a social media manager but these are the ones I make use of personally but I’m trying to discover other apps and also learn how to make use of them effectively.

Is there any application you make use of as a social media manager? Are there limitations on such apps or is there something you think could be done better with such apps? Kindly let us know in the comments section.

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