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By Ofubu Lucas

This week, many things were on the front burner as the bird-app called TWITTER served up very juicy trends.

Guess who gave us  the first premium content of the new week?

Dr Ngozi Okonjo Iweala was confirmed to be the next Director General of the World Trade Organization (WTO). It is a very big feat as she became the first female and the first black person to handle the affairs of that strategic Organization in a long while. The Be like Ngozi Challenge was lit too.

The kidnapping of school boys in the northern part of the country was the most talked about topic in Nigeria. 42 boys from Kagara Government Science College in Niger state were abducted. Later in the week, Rumors had it that the Nigerian Raymond Reddington had gotten involved and he secured the release of the kids at a cost of N800M. Pictures surfaced later as Sheik Gumi was seen talking to the Bandits with RPGs. Shocking right? Well, this is Nigeria.

Jeff Bezos became the richest man in the world again as he overtook Elon Musk by almost $100m. Amazon vs Tesla wars. Space x vs blue origin games. Healthy competition in 2021. We love to see it.

While Laycon penned down a lovely piece titled Davido in TIME next 100 magazine, the icons didn’t disappoint as they made this trend on the streets of the bird app.

The Nigerian army allegedly carried out Air strikes in a particular place in IMO state called Orlu. The streets alleged that it was targeted at flushing out the Eastern security Network officers gathering in that local community.

Spiritual leaders Featured on the timeline.

If you missed the Apostle suleman gist, then you’re in a good place. A video of the pastor surfaced where he was quoted out of context about not wanting COVID 19 to end. The gist was premium. The man of God said he bought a third private jet during the lock down. Another video put him in the spotlight as he gave testimony of how a man spoke in tongues in the France Airport restroom and walked out of the German airport restroom. It is plenty.

Obiwanne okeke popularly known as invictus was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment. He was arrested by the US government for his involvement in fraudulent activities ranging from business email scams to illegal bank transfers. 2031 is almost here.

Bala Mohammed, Governor of Bauchi State and the minister of defense in Nigeria were in the spotlight after making controversial statements. Bala Mohammed encouraged the use of guns by herdsmen, saying that they had to defend themselves while the minister of defense encouraged the Nigerian public not to run from bandits but stand their ground and fight. Welcome to the cruise nation People!!!


The Gen z vs Gen Y vs Gen X debate continued.

Premium content and cruise was all over the streets of the bird app. Feel free to check it out if you want to laugh out loud and ease your mind.

The week was great

Let’s see what the new one holds for us.

Be assured that great things will definitely happen.

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