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When Colors Speak : Websites

Color has always been a powerful tool for communication. From the very first-time man began to draw graffiti till now, color has always had its effect on humans; from the clothes we wear to the trinkets we buy, colors evoke different feelings and emotions that influence our decisions.

From clothes worn, to product logo, to card design, color takes responsibly for a large chunk of the subconscious judgment made.

What Impact does Color Make on your Website Design?

  • It can increase or decrease your brand recognition.
  • Produces different emotions in people concerning your website, thus influencing how they feel about your website
  • It gives a subconscious judgment on what your company is all about.

Check out Some colors, their shades and their interpretation below :


Red symbolizes Power and Urgency

Red is interpreted as a color for urgency, passion, emergency, survival, courage and aggressiveness; the shades of red give slightly different meanings. It is usually used on the first page of the websites to emphasize the main subject.

Shades of Red

Bright red gives an aura of energy, excitement, adventure, entertainment, beverage, great for food.

Dark red shows authority and luxury. It is good for companies that sell high-priced products and services including educational institutions.

The wrong use of red can make the website look: domineering, quick-tempered, resentful, violent, brutal, overbearing, aggressive and angry.


Blue is the Hue of Trust

Blue helps to create the sense of trust, calmness, and productivity. It gives people the feeling of serenity and peace. Unlike red that makes people have this sense of urgency, blue allows people take their time and come to a decision at their own pace. Corporate websites and other business websites use blue to create the impact of reliability and strength. Twitter and Facebook use medium shades of blue

Shades of Blue

Light blue: this shade of blue shows creativity and it is great for tech and creative companies.

Dark blue on the other hand gives an impression for intelligence, trust. It is used by companies that need to build trust in their customers; companies like financial institutions, healthcare, government organizations and corporations.


Green gives an aura of Money, Balance, and Nature

What most people don’t know about the color spectrum is that green is in the center of it, making it the color of balance, equilibrium, and calm. Green is mostly considered as a cool color like blue, but it also has the vitality of yellow. It creates an atmosphere that depicts stability and balance.

It is a versatile color that would work great in most industries and its variations matter less than in other colors.

This makes green perfect for the health and wellness industry, eco-friendly or organic products, outdoor products, environmental awareness and tech companies.


Yellow depicts Creativity, Playfulness and Uniqueness.

It’s not an accident that jolly people are often said to be “sunny”.

Yellow is the happiest color and it creates this sense of excitement, optimism and openness to possibilities.

Companies that want to create cheerful feelings – like travel agencies, children’s party organizers, tourism companies – would often use yellow; this is done to pass a message of friendship and delight.

Yellow also works great in differentiating brands as creative, out-of-the-box types. Web designers use yellow when making a consultancy or skills development related website.


Orange is used to show Urgency, Durability and Confidence

Orange is a combination of yellow and red.

If you want to communicate a message with a sense of urgency in a non-intrusive way, orange is the best fit.

It combines the cheerfulness that is in yellow and the urgency that is found in red; the mixture sends the message of being durable and confident.


Purple shows Sophistication, Success, Imagination and Royalty

Purple displays luxury and sophistication, but its shades have slightly different impacts on perception.

Shades of Purple

Light purple appeals to a lady’s sense of class and sophistication; it is great for companies that sell products to women, products like jewelry and beauty items.

Dark purple displays seriousness, gloominess, mystery and luxury.


Black: Bold, Classy, Different, Authority.

Black is more sophisticated than purple; this makes it a good color for brands that cater to the wealthiest clientele.

When Black is used well, it gives you a chance to play with a high level of contrast, while helping a website in any industry make a bold statement.

It creates a different sense when used in combination with other tones.


White: Friendly, Sophisticated, Classy

When you are in doubt, use the white color. It is the universal color of peace, cleanliness, simplicity, purity, innocence, etc.

White is simple and fuss-free but it is still creative, classy, sophisticated, inviting, and friendly.

White is best paired with strong, loud colors to create a clean, minimalist effect that is easy to read.

Don’t forget,

Colors Speak.

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