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PRODUCTivity as a CREATive

You definitely want to achieve more with your juice, you have ideas and things to do but don’t seem to achieve enough.

This is quite a common reality for creatives, so fret not. There are means to do more in a day known as PRODUCTIVITY SYSTEMS, they are essentially ways to go about dealings and reach desired goal in a day, week, month or even year.

However, it is important to note that while these systems have proven to work over the year the following must be checked before you use any of the systems:

  1. You need to know yourself – It’s important to know what can work for you so you can choose which works with your type of person and not try to force what you think will work for you.
  2. Productivity is the goal – Any system you adopt should lead to more productivity not otherwise. This means that it be easy to adopt and not take time to practice.
  3. Collaboration cannot be left out – Whatever system you adopt should not stand in the way of working with others. It shouldn’t make collaboration hard because of your working system.

Also good to note that productivity depends on your daily habits too so getting your habits right can be all you need.

Want to acquire better habits? Read Atomic habits by James Clear, 7 habits of Highly effective people by Stephen Covey, 5AM Club by Robert Sharma.

Lets check out some systems Below:


This system works well for people that procrastinate tasks that seem daunting, it really helps get these tasks out of the way.

Eating the frog requires that you weigh your tasks for the day, note that which seems most difficult, go ahead to get that task done first.

This has a tremendous upside, your brain automatically gets charged to power through the day after such a task and as a result you do more.



This system entails blocking your time in intervals through the day; you block for 25 minutes without interruption after which you take 5/10 minutes break, repeat three times extra then take a longer break of about 20 minutes.

This works well for people that tend to be distracted quite easily and have a lot to do.

There is a longer version generally known as time blocking. You simply block out time between 30-90 minutes at a go then take a break as you deem fit but I recommend a 15 minutes break.

It is a really recommended way to work. You should try it out.



This is a really simple system you’re most likely familiar with. It’s very simple to practice which makes it a go to.

This system requires that you write out all you need to do, whether digitally or with pen and paper. You pick one to do, pick the next as you deem fit.

Sure it’s very simple, just as you’ve read.


  • MUST-DO/Seiden

This system is quite similar to a to-do list in that you have to list all that’s before you, after which you pick three tasks whether by importance or any other parameters and get to work.

This helps to focus on limited work and prevent being overwhelmed with tasks.



This system is very adaptable and also visual which makes tracking your day easy. The Kanban system requires that you group your tasks into To-do, Doing and Done.

When you group your tasks into these columns, you get to the first task on to-do, move to Doing, when task is accomplished move to Done.

This might be stressful as you need to constantly update your Task Board. However, it’s a really accountable to go about your tasks.

I trust it has been of value so far, what if I tell you one or two more things you can do to accomplish more.

It’s important to know that these systems can work together, which means you can pair them up when implementing. To my last set of tips, shall we?

  • Have a playlist of good music

Music has proved to be a good company of creative work thus having a good playlist of songs that perhaps put you in the flow or gives you ginger works too.

  • Know your peak time

You’re probably not aware of the time of the day that you enjoy working or accomplish more, it will be a worrhrt investment to monitor and discover when you get things done most.

It’s a wrap and I trust this has been a great deal of value to you, ensure you share with your circle and fellow creatives.

Yours in productivity 🤝🏽


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