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Start the Year Off Right: A Practical Guide to Achieving Your Goals

So you did that thing again, made all those promises to yourself you have no intention of keeping. Oh, but this time is different you say, this time you will stick to the resolutions, in fact by the end of 2023, your life would have changed so much your 2022 ex would not recognize you. But first, you have to party, sing the auld-lang-syne, revel in the festivities, and bask in the euphoria of a new year. You will get to work as soon as the holidays are over.

And so begins another year of notepad resolutions, drawing board plans, daydreams, and end of the year shulda-coulda-wouldas, because nobody’s life changes just because the last digit in the calendar year moved one place.

Take a good look around you, is this not exactly the way you started the last year?  Acting like the year does not start until the holidays are over and the resolutions can still be left till later?

My friend, it is time to wake up and smell the coffee, the year already started. This is day ten, and you are already failing all those promises you made to yourself!

Life never gives anyone what they wish, it does not give them what they resolve to get either. Life is eventually only what you MAKE of it. And that is why you cannot afford to push till tomorrow what you can do today. If you don’t do it now, chances are that you would not do it tomorrow either.

I know I sound all too serious and I have no chills, but having chills was not number one on my new year list and I strongly doubt it was on yours either.  Today is the day to change what needs to or watch your life go exactly the same way it went last year. We have included a worksheet and goal tracker to help you with keeping track of those goals and convert them into achievements. Your call! Do not fail yourself!

Happy New Year!

Written by: Ayomikun Sogunro

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