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This week, Cologeny hooked up with a passionate food blogger. Olabimpe Salami is her name.

Olabimpe Salami is a student and the creative mind behind the blog,a food blog that entertains with cooking/eating adventures and gives insight on new recipe ideas.

Kindly Enjoy excerpts from the conversation below

1. Cologeny :Do you think Inorganic food is a big deal? Especially in this kind of busy world?

OLABIMPE :Not at all,firstly considering how expensive organic food is plus the shelf-life not lasting long.if anyone is able to incorporate it in their meal fine but if not it doesn’t make them any less healthy.


2. Cologeny : What inspired you to start a food blog?

 OLABIMPE :I enjoy cooking and later realized that there’s always “behind the scene” story with each cooking activity or adventure related to food.  I was writing as a journal before I decided to share it with the world.


3. Cologeny : What 3 best recipes do you make use of frequently and what 3 recipes do you dislike and why?

OLABIMPE :I like my food with herbs such as rosemary,whole oregano and parsley. It gives that hint of extra flavour. I don’t think I have any recipe I dislike for now(you can say I haven’t tried much).


4. Cologeny : What happens next after you make a meal and it turns out to be tasteless?

OLABIMPE : I feel tired from all the effort I had to put in especially when I had already imagined the taste I’m working towards.


5. Cologeny : Is there a specific time for your breakfast,lunch and dinner?

OLABIMPE : Yes,but that’s a recent progress and it’s sticking fast surprisingly. I eat breakfast as early as 8am(if I know what I want to eat the night before). Lunch is usually around 2pm-3pm. And dinner depends on what I had for lunch..if it was a heavy meal then I might not have to eat dinner or just snack on something.


6. Cologeny : Cupidcity, what brought about that name?

OLABIMPE : My nickname back in secondary school was CUPIDgirl (2go days) and we all know that love is the common ground anywhere FOOD is involved,the CITY depicts how I’m about all varieties of food.


7. Cologeny : What would be your dream destination regarding food?

OLABIMPE : After seeing “the crazy rich Asians” I fell in love with Singapore(the street food). And I’d like to eat Korean noodles and fried chicken too…so maybe let’s say my dream destination is Asia for now.


8. Cologeny : Do you prefer savory or sweet dishes?

OLABIMPE : Savory dishes please.


9. Cologeny : What has been your greatest strength since you started blogging?

OLABIMPE :When people relate with my blog posts,the support and a sense of “oh there’s someone who understands my story”.


10. Cologeny : Finish this sentence: A food I love so much that I could eat myself sick on it is _____.

OLABIMPE :Weirdly enough it is whatever I’m craving for that particular moment..there was a time I was incessantly eating noodles cooking it different styles so to say I don’t have a favorite,I only have cravings.


Remember, process is progress if passion and Good work is involved! 

Nothing is too small and the subject that you are passionate about might provide you with so much satisfaction and happiness.

Look out for the Next Colo-Hustler that will come your way.

Thank you.

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