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By Oluwatobiloba Agboola (Tibex)

Create a mental picture of when you try to walk and put both feet forward, you’ll basically have to take a leap instead, right? It’s similar to what we’ve been practising in our lives. Most times, we take blind leaps and fall, then blame the ground for not being solid enough.

The ground in this case – is the reality of life after our actions. What we should be careful about, is the path we take…the steps we choose. I wouldn’t want to bore you with a lengthy piece, so I’ll describe with a story and wrap this up.

Halima is a Content Creator and Social Media Manager, she has got to prepare a Content Calendar for the month of March, then send it to the graphics designer – pending approval from the head of her team. She has already scheduled posts for February, what’s left to be done is the management of the brand’s social media pages.

Now, imagine Halima doesn’t have a Content Calendar, and she has to come up with content daily, then the designer has to rush, if there’s ever any cause for delay, it will disrupt the day’s post because there isn’t a clear schedule. This leads to everyone taking a leap, when it could have been structured by taking the obvious single step – being orderly.

To have ease in working or find accuracy in delivering results, the first step to begin with is structure – being orderly. Having a structure to work with will help you schedule activities; manage time, improve results, and have extra minutes of rest. If you’ve even been living life without setting things in order, you’ll have moments when unplanned events will crash your plans, and will struggle to find a way back because there wasn’t a plan in the first place.

It’s not about lifting a foot before the other, or finally taking a step to implement an idea you’ve always kept in your mind, it’s about beginning with a single step of having a structure.

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