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We all know that “Too many cooks spoil the broth” just as “Too many suggested actions endangers decision making”. It’s like that moment when you are about to lock your lips on another’s in a tempting situation, a lot of thoughts will invade your mind and if you get lost in deciding whether to flee or be free, your lips will decide for you.

I was in a similar situation of decision days ago, I was always confident that my level of self esteem could not be matched. I already scaled walls of confrontation and I already strolled past paths of doubts, I thought in my heart that; I could approach anyone or anything.

I recalled my days in secondary school and how I won bets placed on getting a girl’s number and how I was ranked first in that regard. There was no fine lady that my eyes confirmed that I didn’t see smile as we got talking, I was a King in that field. Then after years of grabbing my PhD in women affairs, I encountered a challenge.

A lady named Vivian had just resumed at my place of work and she broke my ‘beauty scale’, even her smile always relaxed my every muscle and her British accent always made my ears stand.

Though, I was already selecting my moves as I had given up the chase on ladies but she called me out of retirement. My friends then started to trouble my heart as they gave concepts, doubts and precepts, they reminded me of how I almost lost bets and how my charm was starting to wear out, they made my heart heavy and for the first time in my entire years of experience, I doubted my ability. I didn’t want her to be like another won bet or another feather to my cap, I wanted her to be more than a successive experiment.

Lo! The make-or-mar day strolled in like a boss swagging around. Seated behind a screen of broadsheets and figures, I set about vetting the diverse business transactions going in and out of the bank. Then I heard a soft, soothing knock on my fully-glassed door. I calmly ushered the ‘stranger’ in with the customary “come in” and right before me stood the lady of the moment, Vivian. In a blink of a second, my brain froze, melted, froze again, and then returned to room temperature.

“Sir, I’d like to invite you to my birthday party which will be celebrated on Saturday”, she said, with every word exiling my captured mind to an island of thoughts.

As she was waiting for me to respond, for the first time in forever, I stuttered as I accepted the invitation after the words of my troublesome friends replayed in my head.

“Thank you, Mr. Makinde” she acknowledged, with a pretty look that could kill.

I was a bit relaxed as I replied “You can call me Gideon when we don’t have to be official” and she smiled as she said “Okay sir, oh Gideon”. I crushingly smiled as she admiringly walked out of my office because deep within, I knew the first stage was complete.

To be continued…

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