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I was burdened with the perfect gift to give her, since I wanted to create an impression without losing my dignity but every attempted thought I made was flagged and I had to settle for an experienced answer.

Though, I’ve had smooth rides when it came to getting the ladies gift back then, Vivian just appeared as the definition of perfection that I was yet to understand, as I found myself scrubbing the floor of my standard.

With three days to the expected day, I was so eager to see her move in majestic strides and occasionally stared at her through my transparent door as if I was watching an intriguing movie, I always anticipated her coming to see me just to get my approval on some transactions and always calmly inhaled the freshness of her perfume, so one day I asked her “What’s the name of your perfume?” And she said “It’s Chanel sir.” My heart smiled as I figured the puzzle was already being solved.

Then the day came and the time of arrival as stated on the card was 12noon, I wanted a grand entrance so I was 30minutes late and I already got her the perfect birthday gift. As I drove in my blue Toyota Camry car through the beautiful streets of Abeokuta towards Ibara housing estate, I tried to visualize the scenario and how to go about creating an impression without necessarily sounding desperate.

So, as I got closer to her apartment and with the sight of cars and sound of music welcoming me, my heart started playing it’s own beat faster, maybe it was moved by the song being played or by the game I was about to play, I picked my steps gradually and moved gallantly in a blue polo shirt and a blue jean accompanied by a black leather slipper.

I walked up to the door and pressed the bell’s button and the face I beheld as the door creaked open sent a wave of emotions through my spine as she welcomed me with her angelic voice, I stretched the bag towards her as she collected it and thanked me with a sweet sailing “Thank you”, I entered the apartment and met the already present guests, we shared pleasantries as she ushered me to my seat.

It was a fun-filled party and she appreciated everyone for coming and people started heading home, I expressed excitement at the turn of events and wished her many more happy years. I told her I was surprised she was still single and jokingly asked if she was waiting for me, she gave out a smile as she said “Maybe sir” then I reminded her that she could call me Gideon, and asked if I could buy her lunch the following week, she agreed and said she was going to look forward to it. We exchanged a warm hug as I left to go home.

I later received an SMS from her that night as she said she looked forward to seeing me on Monday after she appreciated my availability and the birthday present, as I read her words, my heart smiled as it appeared I just scaled through another stage and my steps were fruitful.

To be continued…

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