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Written by Temitope Olubiire

Yay! It’s another time to read from me and this time, I’ll be taking you through moments in my life! I believe you’ll find this interesting, as I look forward to reading nice comments from you.

My weekday routine says I must be up by 6:00am, then I spend about 10 minutes rolling on my bed and talking to God. I usually check my phone, to see if there are urgent messages to be attended to, after which I get out of bed to start my day!

I attempt to stay fit by exercising my body in the early hours of the day, (not faithful to the timing though). I have an app I make use of for that, after which I have my bath.

For breakfast, sometimes I take a cup of tea and one boiled egg which tastes great. Some days, I see movies while eating breakfast.

One day, I was dressed in a tight blue jean and a long all-around top, with my glasses and wristwatch on. I put on my “Limitless Possibilities” attitude, and I planned on making at least half sales of what I sell. That was all I told myself and I went out of the house.

I couldn’t go to work on this day, because I was supposed to deliver different quantities of Hair Serum to some of my customers, but I got caught up in traffic, so I decided to change my schedule. “Should I advertise to these people or I shouldn’t?” This thought popped up in my mind, as I saw that I was in the midst of young ladies in the cab, I decided to make a move.

Apparently, two of the ladies were also looking for a place to get the serum, as I brought it out of my handbag, one of them just grabbed it and said “I’ve been looking for whom to get this from but I haven’t seen, do you want to sell this or do you mind giving me if it is yours?” The other one indicated interest, and spoke about the effectiveness. After listening to them, I told them to pay for the product and I sold three right there, luckily for me, I had extra.

Some days, I do 30 – 40 minutes of gaining knowledge and this particular day, the online course I was taking at that moment was Google Digital Skills (Fundamentals of Digital marketing). I was so lazy to continue but it was my final day of learning before I took the exams, (of which I failed thrice before getting the certificate. That’s another story by the way).

Sometimes, I eat rice, beans, and chicken sauce for lunch, which I am obsessed with at the moment. Just like other people, I do some other things after lunch, take a nap, chat with friends, family, and customers. Then, I tidy my room if it was messy.

I eat a light dinner usually, maybe noodles, and egg, with homemade fruit juice. I hardly play games so after having my dinner, I wait till 8:00pm so I can watch my favorite Zeeworld series (Zaras Nikah and then Twist of fate). It is always after this I go to bed. I didn’t go online because I was tired and sleepy already so I left that and slept off.

What amazing moment can you share with me, I want to read it!

Written by Temitope Olubiire

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