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Some days you just wake up and begin to wonder, what exactly am I doing with my self? In all honesty, it’s not like you are jobless but you just want to do more. Sometimes, in wanting to do more, we create problems we are not ready to handle.

You are quietly hustling your NGN 2,000, minding your business, all of a sudden one human being comes from no where and dangle more in your face, you being human, would want to show yourself (where you don’t even have strength).

In fact, let’s bring it below the belt a bit, in your small mind, you are dating a pretty and sexy mama, then bam! Aunty gives you quit notice inside the relationship, all of a sudden you are left heart broken and depressed (if you like deceive yourself that you have not been heart broken, better own it with your full chest).

You are not Superman, don’t try to be everything, trust me you can’t… Filter information you need,  learn what is important to you, have random knowledge at your disposal but don’t try to be “Mr nice guy” at all cost.

In essence, don’t over load or over work yourself (mentally or physically). Take life softly, what is there today, may not be there tomorrow. (according to Wale Adenuga’s sitcom “This Life” greetings to all the ancient of days that know this program).

Take care of your health, your mental health is the most important possession you have because at the end, this life is just a pot of beans.

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