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Stress is one of the reasons people get weakened at the early stages of their lives.

Ifeoma is a 50-year old hardworking woman, who is always looking radiant and she’s always putting on a smile. Judith on the hand is a 38-year old mother with 2 beautiful kids but she’s always seen frowning and looking wretched. Why? 

Though, they both leave home at the early hours of each day and come back late at night, someone is doing something wrong while someone is doing the right thing. The simple truth is that stress sucks! Yes, it does but managing it gives a clear difference.

Here are some important things to take note of in order to reduce/manage stress.

• Exercise: Many of us think it’s mainly about doing tactful exercises but no, it isn’t. A simple walk around your office environment is helpful.

• Relax your muscles: Yes, stretching is advisable.

• Eat well: Biscuit isn’t a food, snacks is different from food!

• Take a break: Especially when doing anything strenuous work. A short break is necessary.

• Do what you love most: Singing, dancing… anything you love. Do it!

• Slow down: Uncle, auntie, why the rush? Do it steadily and don’t rush!

• Talk about your problems (self talk isn’t bad)

• Go easy on yourself: Life isn’t hard after all.

• Eliminate your trigger!

These are the things Ifeoma does that makes her look beautiful and agile always. Won’t you love to try it out also?

Try doing these for a month and see the wonders you’ll be performing on yourself. Do you also believe that stress sucks? Is there any experience you’ve had and you feel like sharing? Let’s talk about this in the comments section. Love always.

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