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Written by Temitope Olubiire

You’ll easily notice people who have No Future Ambition (NFA) once you spot them, or come across them because they tend to behave like one in your presence reason being; if my name was ‘ess’ or ‘hey’ I wonder how my initials will look like on paper (try saying it, ’ess’). I’m very sure it sounds awkward to you but what do we know?
The most annoying part is when they call you like dogs (making sounds with squeezed lips) Really? Excuse me, do I look like a dog or those area puppies roaming around the streets? Please, in all things we do, let our heads be straight.

Now, you’ve got the whole gist of it so, carefully hold my hand, cos we are jumping into a roller coaster. Isn’t it said that ‘an idle hand is the devil’s workshop’? So as not to be one, I work from Monday to Friday every week. So, I was at work on a Monday morning trying to fix some stuff and put some things in place and then, I heard this person make an ‘hey’ sound as I was sweeping the floor but I didn’t look back since I wasn’t the only one around, not knowing the caller was trying to get my attention. It was later someone said ’aunty’ I looked back and then asked how I could be of help to them.

Did I say something wrong? To you, it looks right but to them, they felt like slapping me but they couldn’t,I was waiting for them to speak but they didn’t so I turned back (leaving their presence). It was then the ‘little devil’ amongst them spoke (they were 5, 3 males, 2 females) oh God, you really need to have seen how short and tattered this guy looked that really made me loose interest in what he was about to say but guy, I had to wait till he spoke.

You cannot believe what my ears heard. When he opened his mouth to speak, I perceived his mouth odour. Ew! Even if I forgot to brush my teeth in a day, it wouldn’t have smelt so bad. Let’s leave that aside. How old are you? No, that wasn’t a question for you. That was the statement I heard. My age? Without much delays he told me what he wanted. Can you guess?

If your guessing is right then you are the real gee. He demanded that I be his girlfriend. Unlike some other guys, they’ll first ask of your name and what you do but the case is different for this ‘short devil’. Trust me na, I used my beautiful face to look through his body from his head to his toe and then laughed so hard that I forgot I was busy before he arrived. Even from my laughter he knew I wasn’t ready, so he just told me to go (‘I never wanted to stay before’ I said to myself)

Wait! Why does it seem normal to do things like this? I really don’t know why some guys are so free to the extent of asking a girl out at first sight without proper details (of course some people fall in love at first sight but you don’t just jump into the relationship at first sight). If not for the fear of being slapped, I could have told him to see a doctor because he needed an urgent check-up at the moment. Believe me!

I’ve seen and heard of such ill attitudes but I still don’t get the reasons behind it. You can do well to let me know some reasons behind it in the comment session if you know any. But to be honest I really believe some guys need to learn ’decency etiquettes’ before they boast of themselves outside because this behavior is just ravaging in this part of the world and it saddens my heart to see some ladies go for things like this (of course I’m not perfect but I know what is right from that which is wrong).

Note: Decency is key in whatever you do and in the way you behave. Level up!

Written by Temitope Olubiire

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  1. Omotayo Tarjudin

    Really awkward and funny how rude people can be

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