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In life, nothing stays certain or for sure even when the certainty has been ascertained. Countless things we don’t plan for can show up and ruin all the structures and beautiful designs we’ve spent the whole of our life putting our energy and time into. Elixir of life, right?

Remember, you weren’t what you were some years back and definitely you won’t be what you are now in years to come. Change is a constant ‘k’ for everything existing within and without. Well, change is not growth. Growth is definitely part of change i.e a person might change environmentally but not mentally or socially. Many things define us but change isn’t part of it.

Many falls, many flaws, maybe so many fluxes but those are the things that make up who we are. Description, specification, classification, or whatever isn’t determined by what we are passing through or have passed through, rather on what we overcome and what overcome us. We all are unfinished products.

One thing I believe, “maktub” – as it is written. Whatever happens to man has been predicted or written to happen, well it’s not compulsory it happens but we aren’t limited to them. Faith might be a determinant of fate but not vice versa. Experiences, encounters, memories, moments, etc instigate or disrupt the US in us (as a group) and YOU in you (as an individual) Nevertheless, we are still alive, so anything can happen and change.

As far as we are still up and running, we can’t be too sure of wrong or right. So my brother, do good in spite of the situation.

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