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“Lie for me if the truth will break my heart o”, Aunty Simi said. These are people that are confusing us (men) on exactly what to do — either to be good or smart. Well, our parents, as well as our societies, have nurtured and taught us how to be smart (in place of lies) in don’t-want-to-be-unfair situation we find ourselves. Cases like “it is what it is”, “God no go shame us”, “God when?”, “Ma phor” — better ways of escaping shame. The good news is that the shameful is more shameless. Vibes and Insha Allah.

A friend said some days ago that boats might be expensive but the cruise is limitless. So you can perfectly avoid cruise-cifixion by having the perfect response for every baton of inferiority thrown at you. Social media is the certified academy for that; the ability is in you, ‘lmao. Bet why?’ For the sake of your peace of mind, you better know someone that knows someone that knows someone that has a car. At least, don’t be car-less in your circle. I won’t say more than that — sobs*

I’m not trying to be emotional here but one principle I’ve discovered in this life is that life is directly proportional to unfairness, where the lie is constant k; don’t ‘bobo’ anybody with a white or indigo lie. You don’t believe it? ‘Na you know o.’

Honestly, I need to share a brief experience so as not to look like I’m just catching cruise. The problem now is that I don’t have any story to share right now unless I want to lie but I promise you that something would have happened to someone that I’ll share with you — abi I should lie?

Notwithstanding, you personally as a creative, in as much as you want to tell a story that suits your brand (personal or business), don’t fake it. Always remember that lies and life are allies because if you try lying about who you are; by personifying who you are not, the lies you unleash will be caught on camera by Life ‘(dem be 5 & 6)’ about your ingenuity and it will definitely tell on you soon or later.

Your lifestyle should not be encompassed with dozens of pretenses and lies. Believe me, God no go shame you. ‘Ire o!’

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