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Leaving no one behind, we could have evaded most of the disasters we’re instilling, with the usual features of life. People wake up each morning in a quest to become someone better in their community, regardless of their various backgrounds.

Different beliefs, approaches, knowledge, morals, perceptions, upbringing, and redundant verbiages all around them. All these established the fact that two might not concur to one same thing, at first.

Have you ever asked yourself that, if there was no phrase called poverty, would people still set their “5:00 am” alarms? Nothing is set to be important unless it’s being given a volume of attention. One thing is currently costing us our lives and we aren’t cognizant of it; time.

“I’m 24 years. My friend owns a company already while I’m drifting around nooks to put something on my table and whiling away each moment. 24 hours/day is not enough for (see the greatest time manager of all time)”.

Transiting through the weekdays, I found out that people pay more attention to time than to people which made them end up maiming each other. Entrepreneurs are invariably having multiple appointments and deadlines to meet up with. Unarguably, drivers and riders are seen being in a hurry every day so as to take something home. Youths are already making sure not to thwart paths with learning.

One thing I pray God can grant to all homosapiens, if not anything but PATIENCE. Many relationships are failing today because one or both parties lack patience — they are not paying attention to what better things can be birthed by their imperfections, but rather on the ticking clock. Lives have been ceased in between the hollow of meeting up with time. But how possible is that?

If we all can keep calm and see a promising portrait that can be invented through our patience and interest in others’ prestige. Most times, what we seek is precisely within us but we are blinded by our own obnoxious wants, so we lose all at the end (life inclusive). Things won’t work out if we aren’t working out.

P.S: If you’re late for work, increase your speed to 160km/hr. Employment is scarce ooooo.


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