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Welcome to the New Year


Yay,2021 is a spectacular year; as in it’s a spec! Of course we can’t forget all that happened in the past year but we shouldn’t dwell in the past anyway. So to this effect, I’ll ask; how well have you planned for the year? It’s just the 3rd day in the year and nothing is stopping you from doing that which is right. So, why not pick up your board and start making a sketch of what you want to achieve in 2021.

  • The ladders you want to climb
  • The places you want to visit
  • The business you want to start
  • The seminars you want to attend
  • Every other thing you want to do this year.

Remember; proper planning prevents poor performance(5Ps). The way you plan to do things will determine the results you’d get. Ko por ke(kpk)

Be intentional about your growth! Don’t just allow anyone to come into your life. Not everyone is called to be your friend and not everyone will be happy with whatever you are doing, be careful and never loose guard!

2021 is here, make the best of it!

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