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By Temitope Olubiire

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far it is possible to go” – T.S Eliot

Investment is not for fable minds as you must be ready for the risks involved because there’ll be challenges/ little problems but the way you handle it matters. Remember, your mental health needs to be taken care of first so that you can make sound choices.  

Let’s take for instance, a shop owner made a lot of sales today and it continued like that for some days but on this particular day, he didn’t gain up to his expectations or he didn’t make a lot of sales that day. What would he do? Close the shop and forget about his business just because of a day or a week’s loss? No, it doesn’t work that way! You must be ready for the challenge ahead! Some days will be good while some will be bad but understand that before you can think of starting an investment, you must have a lot of trust for the company or the owner of the company so that if anything happens, you’ll be patient enough to see things come back to how they were before. Which means, you must have done series of investigations about the company and the owner of the company(Known as “Doing Due Diligence”).

This doesn’t mean you should continue investing in an apparently failing business. You simply choose your Investments wisely, Monitor them efficiently and stick to the company if its plans are solid and back out if you are no longer convinced. Remember, for every Investment you make, there’s a risk factor attached to it. It’s either you win or lose!

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Love always.

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