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Open Up, Open Up… Na Wetin Dey Cause See Finish OO!

A cold breeze hit my face, as I stepped into the hallway. My gaze fell upon a white shirt, I didn’t know why I was looking in that direction, but when our eyes met and she broke into a smile, I felt a tingle in my stomach. She was beautiful.

She tucked her hair behind her ears in a bid to see me clearly (I’m guessing), when I heard a voice appealing to my ears, “Good morning sir, welcome to the Ogun Youth Summit, kindly register here”

I’m Ajibola, Nice to meet you, Naima, as I read her name tag. She blushed.
That was the beginning of a new journey. We spent most of the time calling, chatting and few video calls.

One fateful day, Naima called me via video call and started asking me really sensitive questions. She wanted to know where I worked!

I didn’t want to open up to her because in my previous relationships, once they knew what I did, they never wanted to be associated with me.

Because of the love I had for Naima, I told her I was the head of production in an oil firm. That weekend she paid me a visit to my office. She was directed to the factory where I was. She screamed, “AJIBOLA!!! Why would you lie to me? Why?

I didn’t lie to you my love, I process Palm Oil and I report directly to the director. Head of production is branding.

Naima, fainted.

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  1. Yemmy Macclean

    How was revived? I bet you poured oil down her nostrils 😂

  2. Elijah

    bet why? women dey get high hopes sha

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