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Full name:
Adewale Shobande

Creative field:
Brand Strategy/ Brand Consultancy

Brand/Business name:
Brandimproov Global Consult

SM Handles:
@adewaleshobande @brandimproovglobalconsult

Relationship status:
Single to Stupor

Favorite quote (and author of quote)
The greatest problem of a Man is not what he doesn’t have, but that which he has and doesn’t put to use. Steve Harris


Favourite dish:
Rice with some kind crazy combination of meats

How has COLOGENY helped you?
COLOGENY revived my connection to Ogun State. Cologeny also gave me a community of young men and women who are turning up there World one at a time, as such I’m honored to be amongst Generals

How do you think the creative space in Ogun state can get better?
Consistency is the name of the game. Rome wasn’t built in a day, the more we sensitize people the more they see the need to embrace tech.

What inspires you to achieve results?
My failures are my empowering WHY. I have failed on some premium scale to give up NOW

What does creativity mean to you?
Productivity in your zone, A fish will only stunt in water

Where do you see yourself in the nearest future?
A leading Brand Strategist in Africa with several multinationals on our retainer

In your opinion, what can the community do better?
Encourage Live classes in different states where COLOGENY members are represented. The more opportunity we have to see ourselves, the deeper the connection we can create with each other.

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