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These words are borne out of
the deepest strengths of my heart,
just as water is drawn up
from the deep ends of a well.

When the skies are blue and beautiful,
my love for you will be like the sun,
coming out to smile at you
and bring light to your day.

When the sky becomes dark and sleek,
my heart will glow brighter than a candle
and fill the corners of your earth,
so you’ll fall into the night’s arms at ease.

I’ll be here with you day and night,
till forever becomes the beginning,
and each day is a baby we cherish
as we long for each other’s embrace.

I want you to be mine as I mine
out the gold in your bosom,
and as we walk the streets of forever
with our heads held high.

I want to be your future,
so that history will write
our story beginning with these words,
these words borne out of my heart’s well.

My Love, I want you to be mine…

Will you?

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