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By Oluwatobiloba Agboola

Last week started with the release of the fifth edition of The Scroll, and the contents were released on Medium. Also, the start of Big Brother Naija, which has been themed: Lockdown Edition.

A question also came up in the group; What does WiFi mean? So, do you know? Also, further investigation on the supposed accident, that led to Tolulope Arotile’s death suggests foul play.

Have you heard about Fidia? Fidia helps get support from fans with a price of coffee/pizza, sell products, and accept subscriptions from your audience. Our very own Ajibola Akelebe (Don Genius) and Soliudeen Ogunsola (WebMaye) are currently working on this, anticipate!! You can sign up to join the wait-list here:

The first Wednesay’s Wit was released by 6:00 pm on Wednesday on the blog, you can check it out. 

In case you missed it: COVID-19: MINISTRY LAUNCHES APP DEVELOPMENT CHALLENGE TO FIRE UP CREATIVITY IN YOUTH. You can find out about it on the COLOGENY group or search for more details online. Different job adverts were also posted, keep your eyes sharp!

Also, the NIPOST’s sudden review of fees came up but was shadowed by the discussions on mobile phone brands.

Which of these activities were you involved in?

By Oluwatobiloba Agboola

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