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I’ve seen a lot of people put on some clothing and accessories that doesn’t suit them, all because those things are trending and a lot of people make use of some cosmetics, that aren’t right for their skin. (Why? Na by force?) This isn’t to be taken personal but here are some tips you could find helpful…

1. Tight fittings shouldn’t be worn if you don’t feel comfortable wearing them. Avoid embarrassment that the mind cannot deal with.

2. Make use of cosmetics that complement your skin color only.

3. Do not make use of products that react on your skin, so check the ingredients used.

4. Avoid making use of outdated/expired products, always check the expiry date.

5. Be at alert! Not all product that suit your friends will suit you.

6. Changing of skin products shouldn’t be too often.

7. If you aren’t good on high heels, get beautiful short-heeled shoes or flat shoes and rock them well with your smart clothes.

8.  You don’t necessarily need to put on socks, note that.

9. When it is cold or rainy, sunglasses are not important, keep it handy if you feel you want to take pictures with it.

10. Value your money and other things, don’t spend unnecessarily and don’t waste what you have.

Stop copying. You can make your fashion style unique if you stay different! Have you ever been involved in a fashion accident? Please, share your story.


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